Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Positive Influence Project - Spring 2012

Thanks to the support of  MPS Partnership for the Arts, this spring ArtWorks for Milwaukee is offering one of its signature programs, called the “Positive Influence Project” under the leadership of Lead Artist Nicole Lesser.

This program brings together a local youth and someone in their community who is a positive influence. Each Intern will be asked to identify a person of positive influence that lives in their neighborhood. They will approach this person and ask them to be the subject of a mixed-media portrait.

ArtWorks will host a reception for all positive influencers to attend, where they may share their stories of the good things they do to support Milwaukee communities. The Interns will photograph and interview their subject, then:
1. Brainstorm ways to showcase what messages they want to convey using different media.
2. Create a multimedia art piece using the information they have gathered on their subjects and also photographs/information about themselves to show similarity between the two.
3. Showcase their work during the ArtWorks Gallery Night event on April 20, 2012.

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